The Pass. The Judgement day of plates.

The Pass. The Judgement day of plates.
Bring the finished plates up to the pass for inspection.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chicago French Pastry School

I might as well blog it and keep it in the books?

Who would have thought that, I'd be spending $30,000USD on a culinary school.

Yup, that's approximately how big of a hole it would burn through my wallet if I was to attend this school. And attending I am. Although, $30,000USD is surely a hefty sum of money to be investing in a school for only 6 months, (oh, btw, did I mention it was only for 6 months, ops?) I don't particularly feel the burden as yet. Perhaps, I am just that confident in this 6 month investment, and that it will provide me with the proper credentials to earn it all back in the future. Who knows? Everyone's bound to make 1 big mistake in their life time, right? I doubt this would be THE mistake, but if it is, then O well~ I'll just think of it as gambling money that I've saved up over the years for not going to the casinos with friends.

On the other hand, I'm curious as to who would actually be reading this, and who would be the first to comment. Just curious.


  1. damn 30k thats heapsss of money but would be worth it right???

  2. Oh yay! A reader! haha.
    It better be worth it, that's all I can hope on.

  3. I am also attending the same program this July 2010. I stumbled upon this while researching the school. :) I am so excited.

  4. Give me the 30K!! And I'll teach the art of ORDERING IN!! J/K

    I'm glad you're pursuing your dreams man!! This could be your toughest challenge yet, so work hard and make the most out of it!!

    I love you JACK!!! LOL