The Pass. The Judgement day of plates.

The Pass. The Judgement day of plates.
Bring the finished plates up to the pass for inspection.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I feel inspired to write some BS stories about my mundane life again after my unexpected stumble on an old xangan blogger. I used to trail her xanga posts like I was star chasing. If I still remember correctly, one of her post even made me shed a tear because it was very touching. Of course, had an happy ending, she ended up with a care package of oat meals and cereals etc,etc. Who would have knew oat meals and cereals would make me weep. The last time I bought oat meal for my mom, it was sitting on the shelf for so long that you can actually put an age to it. Roughly 3 years old. Now, of course, it was unopened, but you can wonder how the hell is it even possible to leave a pack of oat meal on the shelf for almost 3 years?! Well, I ponder about that just the same. And the kicker of the story is that, I walk by it almost everyday. Ha...

Another interesting and exciting thing about my life is that, I finally adapted a dog. Her name is Mia. More on that later IF.. my motivation drive to write still have fuel left in it by the end of tomorrow night. You know with YouTube and Facebook being such a time trap, vacuuming time and space up like a vortex, seriously, hours feels like seconds. One morning the sun is up and after some YouTube clips, OH, it's dinner time?? Whhaaaa..

Anyways, I am allowing Mia to sleep in my room today, (even though I think she prefer to sleep outside in the hallway on her usual spot, because she keeps walking in and out of my room) I like to think it's a privilege to get to sleep in my room. I closed the door, so she can't get out. Hehheh..

On the side note, I haven't had good cereal in a while, and I know why I am not enticed to eat cereal here in Asia. BECAUSE THE MILK SUCKS! I am still used to Canadian milk. Here, the "milk" is funk town funky. Can't quite explain it, however, the milk taste TOO flavorful for it to be pure. I mean, I live in Taiwan, it's a Formosa with very little grassy lands for cows to graze on. So with that in mind, the cows sure ain't going to be fatty or healthy enough to produce great milk for all of Taiwan. I'm pretty sure the milk we buy here is chemically flavored, I mean, com'on.. We even have "Apple Milk", and it's yellow. I know, because I grew up drinking it. And yes, all that flavoring made it deliciously, dangerously addictive.

That's all.

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