The Pass. The Judgement day of plates.

The Pass. The Judgement day of plates.
Bring the finished plates up to the pass for inspection.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sugar Sculpture. Using Isomalt.

Carrying this thing around with me on the train attracts so much attention. Everyone looks and stares with a confused face. You can hear people whispering and talking about it, wondering if that's made out of sugar or if it's a cake. These girls who were next to me asked what I was going to do with it, and I told her I'm probably going to throw it out in a few days. And she insisted that I shouldn't because it's so beautiful and it would be a waste.
Anyways, so this is my final piece of sugar art, it's mostly made out of sugar and isomalt (a type of sugar). There's blown sugar involved, the dragon-like bird is a part of blown sugar and so is the hidden apple in the back. Blown sugar is a lot like glass blowing, and it's quite an interesting art. I am thinking of taking up glass blowing classes and pottery classes as well. Everything here is made by hand, some are pressed onto a patterned mold to achieve the imprints, but mostly they are all hand pulled and molded.

Hope you guys like it.


  1. It's totally impressive!! no wonder it caught that much attention on the street! :D

  2. Beautiful. That's an amazing piece of art Jack. How many more surprises are you going to bring to us eh? Awesome! :)